The Northumbrians Dan Jackson
The Phoenix Bride Natasha Siegel
The Vaster Wilds Lauren Groff*
The Fraud Zadie Smith

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk Kathleen Rooney
Venice Is a Fish Tiziano Scarpa
So Late in the Day Claire Keegan
You Are Here David Nicholls

Welcome to Glorious Tuga Francesca Segal
Hidden Valley Road Robert Kolker
The Friend Sigrid Nunez
The Color Line Igiaba Scego
Romantic Comedy Curtis Sittenfeld

Invisible Child: Poverty, Survival &
  Hope in an American City Andrea Elliott
The Painter's Daughters Emily Howes
I Am Homeless If This Is Not
  My Home Laurie Moore
The Bible: A Biography Karen Armstrong

Absolutely & Forever Rose Tremain
Thunderclap: A Memoir of Life and Art
   and Sudden Death
Laura Cumming
Trust Herman Diaz
My First Colors Nina Killham

Big Swiss Jen Beagin
Yellowface RF Kuang
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Gillian McAllister
The Three Graces Amanda Craig

Demon Copperhead Barbara Kingsolver
The Tower Flora Carr

The Three of Us Ore Agbaje-Williams
The Curious Kidnapping of Nora W Cate Green
Fair Rosaline Natasha Solomons
The Storm We Made Vanessa Chan

Trespasses Louise Kennedy
What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and
  the Food That Tells Their Stories
Laura Shapiro
The Beasts of Paris Stef Penney

The Rooster House Victoria Belim
Hope: A Tragedy Shalom Auslander
We All Want Impossible Things Catherine Newman
I'm a Fan Sheena Patel

Lucy by the Sea Elizabeth Strout
The Story of Art without Men Katy Russell
Flatlands Sue Hubbard

The Dress Diary of Mrs Anne Sykes:
Secrets from a Victorian Woman's Wardrobe
- Kate Strasdin
All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan
Museum of Art and Me
- Patrick Bringley**
The Lamplighters - Emma Stonex

 *my favourite novel of 2023
**my favourite non-fiction of 2023







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