On April 1st a quilt art show I've been working on for the past year opened at Danson House, a Georgian mansion in Bexleyheath, just outside of London. It's calledTWDIBtitle

I expect that will get people's attention!

Quilts were originally made for beds, and the exhibition space is in 5 bedrooms, with a theme in each room of different bed activities: Birth, Sleep, Sex, Illness, Death.

Here are a few photos:




That's a Grayson Perry quilt on the right, with an 18th century cot quilt on the left to soothe the eye.



In March I wrote about the Sleep Quilt made by Fine Cell Work prisoners. Here it is on a prison bed in the show.



Visitors pondering quilted responses to Death.



You can have a guess as to which room this is in!




A Tree of Life in Danson House's glorious stairwell.



A close-up of that quilt.

Things We Do in Bed runs from 1 April to 31 October 2014. (Note that Danson House is closed Fridays and Saturdays - wedding days!) If you are anywhere near London, do come. I suggest visiting William Morris' Red House too - it's just 5 minutes from Danson House