Most New Year’s resolutions are about discipline and control. Eat less, exercise more, learn to do this, stop doing that.

I feel lucky that I have recently had a new desk made for me, and it is a beauty:

Cherry wood, burgundy matt formica, curves and cubby holes. Best of all, it has space for the computer but also for an area in which I can spread out and really write - because I still use pen and paper. There’s even a level above the desk and behind me where I can put all the stuff I’ve used during the day, so that the writing part remains clear. Does this mean I am going to be more productive? Will this desk give me discipline and control? I certainly hope so.

But I also know that it requires more than a new desk to get me to focus and write well. After all, I managed to write 5 novels on a nasty pine table that was the wrong height and too small, so that I usually ended up working on a hard-cover book in my lap with my feet propped up on the radiator. Really what I need to do is to turn off the internet connection so that I stop messing around online. That is my work New Year’s resolution.

My other two resolutions are much more fun: I am going to go for a walk every day, and I am going to take ice skating lessons.

Happy New Year!