In May my next novel, New Boy, is published. It has been a bit of a shock to start doing interviews and events again just a year after my last novel. New Boy is a special project - a retelling of Shakespeare's Othello - so I wrote it fast; normally there's a 2-3 year gap between books. I don't know how writers who produce a book a year do it! I'll be doing events in the UK and US and Canada, as well as some tv and radio, which I'll post about on Twitter and Facebook.

The very best thing I've done, however, is to be guest DJ on BBC Radio 6 Music, one of my favourite stations.The show is called Paperback Writers and runs on Sundays at 1pm British time. I got to choose and talk about and play all kinds of stuff: from my childhood (Stevie Wonder, Queen, Roberta Flack) to my college days (Talking Heads, Elvis Costello), to my early years in London (The Beat, Billy Bragg), through to the music I listened to on research road trips (Lyle Lovett, Blind Pilot, Gillian Welch). I prerecorded it, thankfully - hard to talk live without freaking out! It runs on April 23rd (Shakespeare's birthday). You can listen to it afterwards for a while, here.

For the Othello fans among you, just to say: Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly" is the "Willow Song" in New Boy. I'll say no more - you'll have to read it to see!

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