What the bloggers say: 

Books of All Kinds, 5/9/19:
“Engaging, fascinating, and absorbing...Chevalier brings fact and fiction together effortlessly”

Trip Fiction, 2/9/19:
“As always, the author’s writing is eloquent, engaging and wonderfully observant of era and place”

Random Things Through My Letterbox, 5/9/19:
“Winchester Cathedral is an evocative and quite sensual setting for this bold, intelligent and quite wonderful novel”

Mrs Bloggs Books, 4/9/19:
“This endearing, wonderful novel was a joy to read”

em_digs_books, 5/9/19:
“It’s a charmer”


“...a subtle, delicate portrayal of a life of quiet power. The prose is stunning without any showboating; the historical detail beautifully interwoven with a light touch, and the cumulative effect is more powerful than immediately evident. This novel will stay with you for a long time, and may be Chevalier’s best yet.”

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